12 August 2016

Using Finder to compile PDFs

Unnecessary background info...

I recently had a computer problem which caused me to have to erase and reinstall my entire computer's OS to fix the problem. I backed everything up (well most things) but lost some of the software, as I no longer had the download codes, and to be honest I'm not sure where I even got them from in the first place. One of the pieces of software I relied heavily on, and lost, was Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I probably only used a tiny percentage of its functionality, as I only really used it to compile PDFs to take new books to the printer and create PDF ebooks. Now I didn't have it, I was starting to panic. How was I going to be able to continue printing digitally and electronically. There were a few online upload type services and I also looked into open source and some of the cheaper options; I wasn't prepared to pay for Acrobat Pro officially, it costs somewhere between $300-400. Anyway, nothing really worked the way I expected, surely there's software out there, but I couldn't find it.

I then read about Finder on the Mac being able to create PDFs. Excellent I thought, but when I tried it it only saved on page into the PDF and not every page in the booklet. I almost gave up when I decided to dig a little further to see if I was doing it right, turns out there is a little trick...

How to create a PDF collection for ebooks and print files using Finder on the Mac

  1. In a Finder window highlight/select all the files you wish to include (use the Shift key or Command key for multiple sections)
  2. Control click (right click) 'Open With' choose the defualt which should be Preview
  3. All the filkes open in a Preview window, you should see all the individual pages as thumbnails on the left side (if not go 'View, Thumbnails')
  4. Command A or highlight all to select
  5. Now choose 'Print' and not export as PDF (as you would expect)
  6. Then 'Save as PDF'...Et Voila!

You can read the comic online here. I will be offering an updated PDF version soon.

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