21 June 2003

sketchbook fun!

As I said, 7 Pages #6, has a slightly different look as I’ve finished my ring bound sketchbook that I was using, and resumed drawing in an old one (With nicer paper).
It’s hard to buy good sketchbooks for some reason, most manufactures don’t make different types and grades for different artists -If you know were you can get a variety of good sketchbooks let me know- I’m also looking for some shops that sell a range of good papers too. I did get a whole bunch of good sketchbooks from an art store in Vancouver (Canada) when I was there last, but I’m down to my last one.

On another note, copies of 7 pages seem to be going faster each issue, and at times it’s hard to keep restocking them. So if you do find it hard to get a copy, tell me where its from, and I’ll make more of an effort to restock them there; or even if there is somewhere else you’d like them stocked. As always, back issues are usually available, just send me the numbers and stamps.
Next issue should be out midweek (Around the 25th June)

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