30 August 2003

I got up at 3:45am this morning (After around 2.5 hrs of sleep) to drive Heather to the Melbourne airport. After dropping her off at the departure lounge I proceeded to try and park the car but missed the car park turnoff and ended up back on the free way! It was dark and raining so I missed about 2-3 crossings where I could turn the car around... I eventually came across a turnoff and made my way back to the airport. I tried getting a park as close as possible to the departure lounge (In true George style) and in doing so had a run in with concrete pole trying to squeeze into a tiny little parking space, luckily it didn't dent the car too much (You can hardly notice...gulp!) I made into the lounge and Heather had already checked in so we made our way the terminal to say our goodbyes. I wish I could of been going with her...
I managed to make it back to Ballarat and not fall asleep at the wheel (I was more bored than tired)

I will be copying and folding the insides for VS#3 tomorow, so I can make my own release date for Velvet Soap. I've put up a few posters around the place, I'll have to make up some more when it actually comes out.

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