13 September 2003

Coffee snob

I thought I lost my pen yesterday (I'm always going through this dilemma I'm such a spaz) after going to the local art store to price a new one, and boy were they pricey, so I decided not to buy a new one here just yet. When I returned to the car I found my pen in the glove box (And yes I had already looked there) My little drawing project is going well also (Another reason I cant be without a pen for the day)
I’ve had to give up on being able to drink lattes whilst I'm here (Oh you poor dear) due to lack of good coffee shops, or should I say the kind of coffee shop I like. Like today I went into this one coffee shop that I know, and it took them about 20mins to get around to serving me (They didn’t allow you to make orders from the counter) so I ordered a latte and pretty soon after that the guy comes out with a big round mug. I think ok I can handle a mug that fine, but then what’s on the top? Nutmeg! ok I say, and begin to scrape it off, but wait where does the froth end since when did a latte contain 50% froth? Ok it's got froth no big deal just scrape it off and get to the coffee. ergh! What’s this brown mucky water under all this watery froth? ergh! I wasn’t going to go and complain by this stage, I was too far gone. Plus I hate those kind of people that have such a sad life that the only pleasure they have is to give the waiter a hard time (I get it all the time at work, you can spot the complaining customer as soon as they walk in. They look like they could use some lemons to sweeten up) I calmly walked up to the counter, where I waited another 5 mins whilst they fumbled with receipts and dockets, paid my $3.00 for my coffee (Or whatever the hell it was) and left.
Luckily for me there was another coffee store right next door. I looked at their menu and saw that they serve lattes in cups too, so I just ordered it to go (That way it comes in a cup) with no froth no cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate…From now on I’m switching to straight espresso.

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