19 October 2003

Weekend trip

Heather and I just got back from a weekend in Melbourne. I'd been planning on going down to Melbourne so I could finally put Velvet soap into the stores-You can now get Velvet Soap in Minotaur, Polyester, and Alternate Worlds (Chapel St)-
On Saturday after breakfast we walked to St Kilda as it was such a nice day as so as we got there we decided to go to the pub and have some beers. First it started out with a few Jugs, then we took a break and walked to a pier and brought ice-cream. Heather went for a walk, and Leigh and I were going to go to the hardware store to buy some spray paint. But we didn’t get past the pub before we thought, “Let’s have another”. Well another turned into about 6-7, and by the time Heather met up with us we were quite sloshed. So we walked home and stopped into get noodles on the way. We had big plans to go out again and do some karaoke, but I felt so beat after all that afternoon sun and beer so we ended up staying in and watching Adaptations the Charlie Kaufman movie with Nicholas Cage. It was the second time I had seen it. About halfway through we got a little stoned and started playing around with the features on the DVD. We turned on the English subtitles and to our surprise they didn’t match what the actors were saying! We giggled our arses of the obviously badly written and inaccurate English. Who ever translated it was mostly going by what they thought was happening in the scene, so in fact rewriting it! I had borrowed the DVD from my friend Travis and I think it was one of those dodgy Asian pirate copies, so you wouldn’t be able to try the same experiment at home.
Today (Sunday) Heather, Leigh and I went to the Nova cinema in Carlton to see American Splendour, and I must say it was very good. I didn’t want to get my hopes up about it too much as I know what Hollywood can do to a good concept (“how can we make this more marketable to the youth so we can make more dollars…blah blah blah”) But they seemed to stay away from that. I enjoyed seeing how they portrayed crumb, they sure did seem to get his voice right. It must be painful for him to watch someone portray him though.

Just think some graphic designer got paid a shitload of money to do scribbles for this poster which is somehow meant to represent comic art or something. There’s loads of comic book artist that could of done a stunning poster for the movie (a la Daniel Clowes poster for ‘Happiness’)

As much as I enjoy the city I still do enjoy coming back to the country. Melbourne (Or any city) gets to you after awhile, the hustle and bustle. But then again I love the art stores (with a wide range of papers and pens) the comic stores (where you can get the latest and the oldest of comics and magazines like the comics journal, restaurants (With Gluten free options for Heather), theatres (Where you can see American splendour, I doubt it’ll ever come out in Ballarat)

Before I go I also have to rectify something about the last issue of 7 pages. As you know I now have to pay for photocopying (I used to get it for free at school and plus it was a great copier, picking up the tiniest line and reproducing tones also) So I had top take this issue to X-Spot to get a measly 50 copies printed and the didn’t know how to reproduce the tones for me and so I got this rather plain looking version of issue #13 I slept on it and decided I couldn’t put out something that was substandard, less than what I had planned so to say. So I went back in a got another 50 copies printed up this time with tones (I didn’t suggest they do it again for free as they weren’t to know how I liked it copied exactly, but the did do the reprints for free!) I was happy with how it looked this time. I then went around to all the places I had them and swapped over the inferior ones with the new and improved ones. On further inspection though I realised the lines didn’t reproduce as well. So I guess you can say I’m having some teething problems but Before long I’ll get 7 pages back to normal.

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