8 October 2003

Hey all, sorry it's been a long time since my last entry. I'm back in Ballarat now trying to get my feet back on the found after my whirlwind tour of Canada. I also just got back from Newcastle after attending the young writers festival up there.

I got some bad news today that my previous source of free photocopying has been cut off. which means it's going to be a lot harder to put out 7 pages if at all. I just wont be able to get all the copies out their on a regular enough basis so I might have to set up a subscription type thing. but write to me and tell me your thoughts (awcomix@yahoo.com)

coming soon will be 7 pages special edition which will be comprised of sketchbook material from my Canada visit

oh yeah, did I mention that I saw original crumb art work at the Vancouver Art gallery, so stoked!

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