29 October 2003

reviews cont

Best Buy comics- by R.Crumb. What can I say about Crumb, he's an obvious influence for me. I had never seen this comic before so it was a surprise to find. I think this is one of his better comics put out around '79 I think the drawing style is neat and the stories are interesting too. I'd recomend any of crumbs work!

The Comics Journal- Publised by FantaGraphics. I've been meaning to get more publications of this sort (eg, Juxtapose, comic art magzine) I blame art school school. Where else are you going to read interviews with your favourite creators or see previews of thir work before it comes out? this particular issue had an interview with Harvey Pekar.

You might notice that I know have a link to my Yahoo photo album which has few of my sketchbook covers and such. They're not the greatest scans though.

7 pages migt be delayed this week as I'm working like mad to get my folio together so they can't fail me.

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