25 October 2003

So I said that I’d review the comics I got on the weekend, but I’m so busy with school right now it’s crazy!! I’ll do a short review then beef it up later

Black Hole #1 – I’ve been meaning to get one of these comics for awhile so I thought starting with number on would be a good idea. They are pricey though I think somewhere around $10-12 per issue (they’re are worth it and maybe comics should cost this much, you pay $20-25 for a paperback and these are so much finer)
So what can I say they story proved to be quite well written, good concept too, and you can’t fault the art. Charles Burns produces crisp neat black lines with the accuracy of a razor blade.

Shouldn’t you be working? This is a collection of sketchbooks pages from AYC artist Johnny Ryan, done when he was on the clock at a urine clinic. It’s filled with sick jokes about bodily functions. I look down on poo and wee jokes as much as the next person but there is something about J.R’s ‘why should I care again?’ attitude that grabs me. It’s not so much cynicism but violent apathy. His styles reminds me of those stylistic Hanna Barbera cartoons but with more intense feeling and care.


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