26 November 2003

I damn well lost my pen once again I don’t know how this happened!! Oh well I was looking for an excuse to upgrade to a Rotering from a Steadler anyway.
I managed to put together another 7pages yesterday as well. It has a lovely Basquiat inspired cover as I’ve been getting into his work a lot more lately (He uses simplified drawing and text in a fine art context, so you can make the connection)
I’m still trying to get my Canada sketches together, I’m kind of reluctant to put them out. I don’t like that whole, “I’m special because I went overseas” -well whoop dee doo! But then again I did do some comics and other writings that I was happy with whilst there so I’m thinking if I keep it lo-fi and low key I’ll be able to sleep at night.

Heather and I are still trying to make plans for next year and I don’t think that Ballarat will qualify. We did consider Canada but maybe we’ll hold off on that one, Somewhere tropical like Darwin could be nice, warmer climates and all, but I think I like the idea of Melbourne, yes it is a big stinky city but there’s lots of good stuff happening there and decent schools too. Plus I just got an illustration job with a publishing company in Melbourne, and even though it’s all through the mail, it would still be more convenient. I guess I’ll just have to apply to some schools and see what happens…

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