11 December 2003

It's about time I wrote a real blog!

Any way all is well, except now that I'm on holidays I kinda feel like I'm just floating around without much structure, which would usually be good but I'm trying to find a new place to rent, which kinda of eats up all my time (Boo-Hoo!)

I've been tricking the photocopier recently into believing I'm only doing half the copies that I am, thus making it cheaper to put out 7 Pages, but it didn’t work for me the last time so I was quite despondent about it, once again I thought why am I doing this? I considered just doing one more issue and then putting an end to it. But always when I have these thoughts I'll run into a regular reader, and they'll make some comment on the last issue, and I'll be revived again to keep it up. I’m not talking about praise, just the mere fact that somebody is reading it, makes it worthwhile.
I guess it's a common problem with artists(For lack of a better word, maybe creators is more accurate?), when you keep digging deeper and deeper into yourself you always come across the question of, why am I doing this, what’s it's worth?? Deep down you know that it's not for praise there's some other reason. You’re making something, you have a blank page and then you wave the pen over it and something appears, where did it come from, what will you do next. I guess the mystery of it is what keeps me doing it, and also why people follow any artist. So it seems the artist isn’t that significant at all, they’re just a medium.
Once you start talking about all this it all gets a bit silly anyway, so I’ll leave it at that.

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