22 December 2003

Moving house

Well we finally found a place to move into so I've been spending the past five days moving...So I haven’t had much time to draw really. I was hoping that I'd be able to get out a 7 Pages before Christmas (as most copying places will be closed at various times) I'm thinking of changing the format of 7 Pages for a number of reasons also. I'd like to make it into a little A6 booklet with more pages (Than 7, oh no what will I call it now!) and possibly a colour cover. This way I can distro it allot easier around the place, unfortunately though it would no longer be for free...But that's ok I'd only be charging to cover production costs. So I can envision it costing about $1 and coming out around once a month, so what do you think drop me a line at, awcomix@yahoo.com

Jeff Raglus

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