19 February 2004

As exciting as watching ink dry!

Hey long time no blog but I’ve got a wonderful excuse as I’ve been doing some travelling around recently with my wife’s parents (Who are visiting from Canada) On the trip I even managed to draw a three page comic which will be appearing in the upcoming first issue of Scrambled. Which was due to the fact of my new sketch book I made, which actually holds India ink! (It’s really hard to find good paper here) and also the art store finally got my 'speedball' India ink which dries a whole lot faster than the Windsor and Newton variety that I usually use. Thanks to Dave Collier for that one, when I visited him last September, we were halfway through a bike ride when we stopped for a break and he whipped out some artwork to ink. Which I didn’t think was possible, with the usual ink drying times. And when he was done he packed it away and we kept on riding. “What sort of ink are you using to do that!” I asked “Speedball” he answered. I remember trying it years ago but found the ink too thin but upon trying it again I find it excellent. I guess you just need to learn to get a little control over the nib (Dip Pen)
But I do have something that might interest you more than ink drying times which is I’ve decided upon a release date for Scrambled, which then determines the years release dates. They are as follows:
Issue #1- March 10th
Issue #2- June 10th
Issue #3- September 10th
Issue #4- December 10th

So as you can see the book will be coming out quarterly and will cost a measly $2.00 a piece! I also have subscription available for just $6.00 per year/4 issues (within Australia and New Zealand) and $11.00 per year/4 issues for international subscribers. Alternatively you can get any single issue mailed for $2.50 (Aus&N.Z) and $3.50 (for international orders). As for payment I accept Cheque, money order, Paypal, or well concealed cash (Excluding international orders) And I guess I’ll also include swaps to an equal value. Send to:

A.W Comix, pobox 174 W, Ballarat, VIC. 3350

Apart from Mail-order you can also get them from the usual suspects such as Minotaur, Polyester, Voxpopulis, and any other willing retailers…

Hey if youre lucky enough to be in New York Check out Marc bells solo exhibiton.

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