6 February 2004

A few months ago when I ordered a copy of 'Red Bird’ by Dan Zwetoch I also got a copy of Kevin HuizengasSuper monster’ #13 which I enjoyed immensely and found myself going back to reread it. So after awhile I really wanted to get my hands on any other copies that might be available. After some postage pricing confusion I received my package of super monsters numbers 7, 9 10, 11 12, 14 and they were all really excellent especially his latest one (Which also has the title of ‘Gloriana’) Which has a detailed explanation of why the moon appears to be larger at times (Maybe only interesting if you’re part nerd) his comics seem to evoke the ambiance of whatever environment they’re set in, and express more than just a narrative. He also covers a range of different drawing styles, I tend to like his looser style with touches of 'zipatone' like shading (Which he uses photoshop for, I must write to him and find out what filter setting he uses as I haven’t been able to produce a decent zipatone effect with the program…) I think he is also one of the artists in a D&Q showcase recently.

I also recently asked Marc Bell what he thought about art school (As I am it’s willing victim) and he told me “It’s a good way to waste time…put off facing the reality of making a living” Hey sounds good to me. He also pointed me onto Philip Guston. I’d actually never heard of the guy but I like what I see (Why didn’t my teachers recommend him earlier)

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