20 February 2004

spalling miztakes

Hooray!! I got my Scrambled postcards made up and just in time for weekend distributing too, but after showing them to my brother he says to me “Does this matter?” pointing to a blatantly obvious spelling mistake right on the front that I should of noticed!!! Let it be known to the world, I Anthony Woodward do know how to spell the word Weight (I spelled it wheight). I don’t know why I do these spelling mistakes at times (As They are words I know how to spell) I must have some form of dyslexia. Heather thinks I should get them reprinted, that people will get the wrong idea of my work. But I think I’ll just go with the idea that I meant to do it, you know a kind of artsy angle. Yeah, that’s it I spelled it like that on purpose, ha!
Also yesterday I found the paper I’m going to use for the cover, 165gsm archival quality rag paper! Very nice. Because unlike past ventures Scrambled will have a black and white cover. I did this because even though you can have a colour cover for a very low price (Thanks to your local copy shop) Black and white is affordable and sustainable. Also after I put out the ‘7 pages special edition’ -which I put together using a scanner and photoshop, and C.D burner- it looked so fancy and good, people thought I’d got it offset printed. In other words it looked as though I’d ploughed hundreds of dollars into getting it printed, which looks very foolish when you’re self publishing, kind of looks narcissistic or something. And little humble ol’ me doesn’t want that.
Sorry to all those people I sent the Scrambled e-mail too that came up blank, I resent it with the subject heading Scrambled again.

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