8 March 2004

I got this society of illustrators book out from the library the other day and came across gary basemans stuff (I'd seen some stuff in Juxtapose once before) anyway I really loved it. I went to his site and he does have a big list of creds, which makes me queasy. Big names such as Disney and even dare I say it Nike. I guess we all have to make a living somehow and since the lesons of 60' Pop art, can we really be so snooty? I'd actually like to see him do a t-shirt for Nike depicting child labour or just your everyday funky sweatshop scene. that'd be really cool, hell I'd buy it! I'll go with Harvey Pekar when he said to Crumb, "Hey I'd sell out inna minnut, but no bodys buyin'"

Scrambled comes out in two days, me nervous about deadlines, nevah!!!

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