16 May 2004

Fuck art let's dance!

I took advantage of the single clour photocopier at school and did a run of posters that I pasted up at school, twas lots of fun. I'll have to scan one and post it later.
Been meaning to look up this artist that I came across in a book called, 'Angry posters: posters from the regan bush era' So i went back to the library and looked up the book. Turns out his name's Eric Drooker. Probably fairly well known, as his work gets widely used for political issues and also one a couple of CD covers (Faith no more, rage against the machine) Anyway I did a google image search (One of my favourite things to do, try it by clicking the image option on google, you can search the web for images only)and came up with lots of juicy images to tantalise my tastebuds.

Erik Drooker

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