6 May 2004


I think I'm out of the logjam with my non-comic drawing at the moment. I’ve developed a new technique that I'm exploring and seems to blend all the influences that I’ve been trying to bring together.

so yeah it's just something a little different. Readable comix still seem to intrigue me a grab my interest. Theres something unsatisfactory to me about my images unless they have text or some sort of direct meaning or story. Maybe a little too obvious I know but at heart I think I'm an illustrator (Not that illustrator is a dirty word)
In other news Scrambled comes out in months time! It’s going to have loads of comics and it’s also bigger than the last issue. I’m going to have to discontinue using the special paper for the cover to bring down my inflated production costs. I’ve also just discovered I can do single colour photocopies at school, which means I can add a little colour to my comics at a low low price, yey!