25 May 2004

Marc Bell 'Ogopogo s.s.s'
So I decided to go to Canada at the last minute on one of Heathers standby passes, which sounds crazy to most but what they don�t realise is that it�s upper cheap and the real risk is getting stuck halfway in Honolulu. Anyway so far the trip has been great. Canada is kind of like my second home and I feel at ease here. I�ve only had a few accent problems so far nothing major, apart from people not being able to hear that you�re speaking English, well a form of it anyway.
Went to the local comic store in Winnipeg here (Gotta find a better one in this town) saw a couple of things that interested me but I�m on bit of a budget to go spending anyways.
Anyway I have the opportunity to drop some names for an art magazine in terms of comic art which makes me nervous, I mean good comic art is few and far between. But at the same time I figure I can talk about Greorge Grosz and Oto Dix for starters (Leave out Lichtenstein) also woodcut novels and such, Guston Basquiat and such in terms of accepted �fine� art. Then go for the comic artists (Which I can�t start naming as there�ll be no end to the list. It�s going to be hard. The whole notion of categorizing art is just silly and futile it�s like trying to categorize the different colours of brown that poo comes in (Actually that�s not as good analogy as I don�t intend to associate comics with poo) What�s the point really good art is about breaking preconceived ideas. Anyway as far as comic art goes critics can always just pull out the �illustration� glass ceiling. So it�s easy to get shot out of the water before you even start, unless you have a sympathetic ear. Posted by Hello

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