11 May 2004

Scrambled #2

Cover pic S#2 released June 10th
Hey new Blogger, well a change is good looks like things are streamlined a little more, I'll have to play around with it a litle.
On another note, I just want to know why everyone's gone off e-mailing lately...I've been an e-mail madman the last two months with very few replys, what do i smell or somthing *sniff myself* I guess I am a bit musty. I have a phobia of washing ok, my mother put my in a tumble dryer as a kid to scare me from crawling in there. It's a deeply rooted psychological condition!
Life saving contact is only a keyboard away:
awcomix @yahoo.fuck off spammers.com

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Anonymous said...

Cover looks good can't wait to read the next issue :)