6 July 2004

Charles Addams

Like I said I managed to get Scrambled #2 out last friday and it is available at Grainery Lane cafe and Rediscovery on sturt st (The 2nd hand cd store next to Ruby's cafe)
In other news I walked into a discount book sale and found a copy of Charles Addams version of 'Mother Goose' for $5.99 (RRP $24.99) So I had to buy it even though I'm Skint at the moment. Some of the pictures are a tiny bit fuzzy (A normal person wouldnt notice this) but only one or two most of the book reproductions are wonderfull and there is a range of Addams style in there. For those of you that don't know Charles Addams he was a cartoonist for the 'New Yorker' in the 50' and 60's who had a wonderfully dark sense of humour. He is most well know for the creation of 'the Addams Family'

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