1 July 2004

licorice and Frank Zappa (Not every one likes)

If everything goes to plan i should have scrambled#2 out by this weekend. Once again i must appologise for the delay. This was not only ecause i was in Canada but whilst there I had no way of putting it together, so i think i've done pretty well in the circumstances.
It'll only cost you $2.50 and you can get it from the usual suspects like Grainery lane and rediscovery also. It'l probably be another week before I can get them stocked in melbourne and i'm still looking for a distro in sydney since vox pop went into hibernation...So if anyones got any recomendations for good zine distro that are around drop me a line.

Whilst my zine isnt about menstruation or feminism (Hey dont get me wrong ladies I luvs yaz all) or about being a teenage punk in a crazy world, my comic isn't one of the usual indy type comix that are a dime a dozen, containing graphic sex, voilence and bowel movements with no other reason than to obviously sell comix (And may i mention does not even produce a cheap laugh either). It's just me telling stories, if anything fairly mundane stories (Hey if you want action and excitement go rent a movie) about everyday things, not everyones cup of tea, no, but who wants to be everyones cup of tea anyway.

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