15 August 2004

I've just found out that I misquoted David Collier on the back of my7pages special edition. As a matter of fact I quoted him for something he didn't even say which was

"Being the best comic book artist in the world is like being the best badminton player, no one really cares"

And the reason I said it was collier was because a Hamilton Newspaper had quoted him as saying it. So sorry about that Dave.
The real credit goes out too Dan Clowes for that one.

Wrote 4 new pages of comics last night, seems like I'm finding it easier to locate that inner voice and let it flow a little more. Only problem is that, do I use it for my own comic or submit it somewhere else...ie 'the Sparks' or some such. Guess I'll just have to keep on writing.

Jeff Raglus

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