11 August 2004

just thought I'd write a few words...Looks like I'm going to newcastle this year for the writing festival (And all the rest of the shenaningans)
Had art history today, which always ,makes me feel a little wierd. Which is maybe because it's not real life, by which I mean it's all about art and the importance of art which leads you to why does it all matter why is it taken so seriously. Some one puts out a new work or new style, some embrace it, some dismiss it and moslty others don't care. It's really all just silly. I'm not really making any sense I know.
Any way I feel as if I need to emerse myself in the comic world and purely do work that I'm interested in. The next issue of Scrambled comes out next month (Sept 10th) so I'm looking forward to putting that all together. So far it looks really good and I happy with the over all feel of the next issue. I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle '7pages' and 'Scrambled' as i want to put out 7pgs but I dont want Scrambled to miss out either (And I'm trying to avoid publishing the same thing twice) I'll just have to figure out a way to divy the work up between them.

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