4 August 2004

Trip to melbourne

Picked up the latest Eightball (#23) on the weekend and loved it, get yourself a copy if you don't already. Also got Conversation a joint work between Kochalka and Thompson which was good but read to quickly, still good though. Couldnt afford to pick up allot of other stuff like the new Blood orange or Johnny Ryans latest and a couple of other ones.
Went over my collection of supermonsters last night, I really like them and it's funny to think that Scrambled ended up being quite like supermonster (Well issue #11 of S.M anyway) like a combination of sketchbook and comics. So anyway if you can get some Super Monsters they're good, I think K.H will be probably be bringing out some published work soon anyways so you'll proabably see him around in the near future.
Also finally added a link for the time magaizine online comix review-->

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