11 January 2006

Art stuff

I did this drypoint print today, instead of printing it the traditional way I photocopied as suggested by this site

I’m really happy with how it turned out! I will definitely have to do more in this style. I used to think, there's no point imitating traditional methods when using new ones but with this drypoint method you can’t see what you’re drawing too clearly (It’s scratched into clear plastic) and you can’t get the greatest control over the line work. So you have all this randomness to the image that can be cool. Plus you can’t really say the print is only a reproduction as the original is a clear plastic sheet! Hah!

Also here is some mail art, I contributed to


Ian T. said...

This was a good read (in spite of all the popups), but I'm wondering - are they using a digital copier? Wouldn't most things (using grey) just come out as sort of screened dots?

awcomix said...

I'm not sure but the photocopier I use at school reproduces grey tones very nicely but still keeps blacks crisp and fine lines also, it's just not that great on paper 200 gsm+

Ian T. said...

Anthony, do the blacks come out dotty?

awcomix said...

I haven't experineced any 'dottyness' in the greys or black areas. Some laser copiers have this strange line pattern on greyscale stuff if you look close enough. But I don't think this copier is laser one anyway.
If you're getting it from your usual copier, and don't like it I'd say search around for another one maybe.