26 October 2006

Web Comics

Read about this webcomicsnation site recently (care of sirive talking about jessica's site) which I like the idea of. It’s always been a problematic area in terms of pay per view with web comic in my opinion. I think it’s great to have things for free but at the same time, even at the most basic level, it takes time and money to put out quality work.

In an ideal world you could do this people would subscribe and it would at least pay for your running costs (it’s $99US per year)
If I was to have something like this it would be like .50c a month or a couple of dollars a year…does that sound fair?

Heres some well known peoples sites
James Kochalka,

roger langridge


Ive said...

Don't forget that you're free to advertise on your own webcomicsnation site. Been hearing alot of awesome stuff about Ryan North's http://www.projectwonderful.com/ for that kind of thing.
I figure that'd cover at least some of the costs.

awcomix said...

I'm not a big fan of having advertising, and would rather keep it ad free.

It's a real conundrum though...Is it crazy to want some remuneration for your troubles even if that is just to cover costs? I'm thinking I may give it a try for a few months to se how it goes, if no one subscribes then maybe I have to consider adds, which wouldn't be so bad if they were smart adds, like for art supplies and comics etc.
I think give it a few more years and you'll see a lot more people doing it