29 November 2006


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I went to trials last night on high street last night which was really good. I wore up the next morning thinking about drawing and if I could actually just pick up my pens where I was and start...

It's also a really good chance to complain about dull guillotines and how under represented local contemporary comics were in the state libraries Australian comics exhibit with other comic artists.

Also in other news I just reprinted '7 pages #5' and stocked up 10 issues in Minotaur, Sticky, and Polyester. I'd actually like to print up even more as I'm still really proud of this issue and they seem to be going fast. My advice to you is to pick up one very soon if you haven't already they may just be the last ones around.

picked up some new comics too:
-Joe matts peepshow #14

-Simon james little comic called 'Stoner comics' #1

-Robert Crumbs 'ID'

-Reprint of amazing spiderman with steve ditko art (who aparently was invloved in some sort of cult but I enjoy his art all the same)

-David Sandlins 'Swamp Preacher'

I was suprised at the amount of material out at the moment, after last years comic drought (or so i thought it was anyway)


Anonymous said...

Steve Ditko wasn't involved in a cult, rather he was (and is) big on a philosophy called Objectivism which is all about accurate perception of reality. I'm not so well versed in it myself as to give a thorough definition of it, but in Steve's case, it has led to him favoring art over artists -- hence, his refusal to do interviews, letting his work speak for itself.

Dave "Cerebus" Sim is doing a big Ditko tribute on his own blog. Check out http://davesim.blogspot.com/

--Claude Flowers

awcomix said...

Thanks for the information Claude ;)