2 November 2006


I have officially entered ‘movember’ now,
To sponsor me go here and enter these details

rego number: 24720
Last: Woodward

It should say I'm part of a team called scruffy johns. then just click on sponsor. This however involves the use of credit card. Contact me for other methods for sending me sponsorship money…


awcomix said...
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awcomix said...

the internets sure has been quiet of late. Where is everyone?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony,

I've posted a story about Movember on NowPublic and would to see your pics on the site as the month progresses.

Here is the url:

Thanks and let me know what you think.


awcomix said...

You'll have to let me know how, do I have to sign uup to NP and where do the pics go?

cheers Anthony

Anonymous said...

Hmmm with a group called Scruffy Johns, not sure where these Mos are growing and not sure if I want to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, The Scruffy Johns have no Mo Log! Want my 2 dollars worth!

awcomix said...

Is this like photos on the movember site how about a home photo on the blog?

Anonymous said...


How about HERE: http://www.movember.com/au/popups/mo-logs/index.php?member_id=24720