22 December 2006

Book reviews

Ghost World.
Once again thanks to the local library I get to read a comic gem for free! My last find was Scott Mccloads reinventing comics' which came just in time for our trip to perth and the long plane flight.

Snake Pit.

Found this one at sticky whilst i was in Melbounre very breifly the other day to pick up some christmas presents. I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm going to have to try and pick up some more issues.

The Drama.
My freind Pete brought this over last night to show me. A magazine called the Drame which seems to have predominatly comics contributers and articles on comic realted art and artists.

Going Down Swinging.
Just got my copies of the latest 'Going down swinging' a literary journal usualy but half of this issues features a comics section editied by Mandy Ord. I have 4 colour pages in this one, I'm really happy with how they come out.

Any more news on these Australian laws about posting links as a violation of copyright? People are pretty jumpy about proctecting music copyright as the downloading of MP3's and such is meant to be so widespread...why don't we just ban playing music on radio stations too.
Ani Difranco always has a little line on the back of her C.d's which I think is a good way to put it:
"unorthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing."
I first got into Ani from Heather making me a tape (yes a tape! proabably the last one that was ever made for me) I listened to it heaps and loved it , I then saw that she had brought out a new album and went out and bought it. I've bought every album since which I think is 4-5 albums. I agree that artists should get the money that they're owed, but I'm also a big believer in the try before you buy concept.

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Anonymous said...

Most agree the artist's copyright shouldn't be ripped off. However, how are new bands going to advertise tunes, build an audience or find interest from labels online now? We can only describe what their music sounds like and let the reader find the link themselves?

Everyone is scared, but most are also confused.