17 December 2006


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Here's my entry for Illustration fridays 'help' I used this last year for IF for the theme Broken
I've been out of swing with IF the last month or two which is a combination of being busy with school ad not being overly inspired from the themes (ie, thanksgiving)
I have been working on daily comics which has been sucesfull (ithink almost a month now) so if you like reading comics take the time to check it out here.

I've bought and been given some comics recently so I'll have do a post on that.


Anonymous said...

There wasn't an Aussie in sight during IFs thanksgiving week - unless a protest :)

I never tire of seeing your illustrations again and recommend your comics to everyone!

awcomix said...

Well thank you Frank youre very kind :)

carla said...

I agree that the topics have been pretty lame for quite some time, and thanksgiving was a bit corny (for those of us in the US) and irrelevant (for the rest of the world) for my taste. I wasn't even going to post anything, but then I happened to pass a flock of wild turkeys while driving home one day and was able to get some photographs. I decided that I was thankful for wild turkeys, and i posted one of the photos. Anyway, I love this close-up of your rather desperate looking face! I do hope that someone comes to help you soon:>

awcomix said...

I can't really blame the themes as once I start searching google i can usualy spark of some inspiration!
As enjoyable as thanksgiving may be we don't have it here so it doesn't really mena much at all to Aussies.

I don't really need any help at the moment but thanks for your concern ;) Just imediatly thought of the 'help' picture for the theme broken last year! End of third year was a real strain but the end of this year was much easier.

Jeannetto said...

I just hope next week's theme isnt "Sled." Ug. :)


Michelle Lana said...


Anonymous said...

That's Anthony screaming for help about what's happening in Australia's new copyright legislation! You're safe mate, but I have to delete all movies and tunes!