22 December 2006

My sites

As I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve been having problems uploading comics to both my Livejournal site and here. This is because of the differing pixel dimensions on the two sites. But so it doesn’t seem like I’m abandoning the blogspot readers let me explain what the 3 different sites are all about

1- Awcomix.blogspot.com: This is a site mainly to post news about my comics and drawing endeavours. I often find it hard to keep track what a lot of other cartoonists are up to so I decided to create this blog to keep anyone interested in what I do in the loop. Drawing events, exhibitions, new books I’ve bought and would like to review, stuff I’ve come across on the web etc.

The last six months or so I’ve been getting more into posting web comics. I have a lot of web friends that post comics on Livejournal and I like the comments options on their LJ sites, ie, I can reply to your comment and you get notification in your inbox instead of having to check back on the site.

Which brings me to this site which I have established over the last month or so. I’m trying to keep this one just comics, so readers can go there and scroll through the archives for some reading pleasure.

3-comixandart.blogspot.com: And last but not least is this site which is more of a straight forward checklist of the books I have done, where to get them and how much they cost. I try to make it just the facts and not “BUY NOW!! ENTER CREDIT DETAILS!!ADD TO CART!!”
Just a casual look at my back catalogue.

Maybe it seems crazy to have these different sites but it seems to work for me. And this way it doesn’t have to be this crazy jumble all in one site. I guess I could get a proper website and design cool flash buttons etc but I love blogger and livejournal for their communities and comments options. A ‘proper’ website just seems to static and one way.


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy to you and your family Anthony Woodward!

awcomix said...

and to you too ;)

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