4 January 2007

7 Pages #6

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After driving around town trying to find a copy centre that was open I finally settled with ‘officeworks’ but I’m glad to say I now have copies available for sale of the latest digest.

This digest is filled with the usual craziness, although this issue features a lot more single images per page, some which were done for illustrationfriday.com. I also have a comic of my own and also Ash has a comic in there too.

Ordering information.

For people in Australia:
1 x 7pages digest #6=.50c+50c postage=$1.00

For North America:
1x 7Pages Digest #6= .50c +$1.85 postage=$2.35

If you order some other stuff the price will be cheaper posting it all at once. Email if you have any questions.

Or if direct order is not your style then check out the ‘where to buy’ list in the links column in around a weeks time.

*A6, B+W inside, 16pp, Cost $1.00 Postage Included*
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Anonymous said...

Found a great surprise today hiding between a stack of bills ... Anthony's Issue#6 of 7 Pages!!! Tell Ash, Cheruboy thinks she's a cool artist:) Thanks for the thought and smiles!!!!

PS: Heather is welcome to visit the Sandbox during incubation. She can scream there anytime };-}

Hellcat said...

I snored my face off!