30 January 2007

Friend me...

I think I mentioned earlier that I now have my comics in the 'Bean barn' a local Ballarat coffee shop. It's been so long since I've been able to sell my comics locally so it feels great and hopefully I can reconnect with my local audience (or maybe they only liked reading it when it was free and came out nearly every week!)

I made up a whole bunch of nifty postcards and scattered them around the cafes in town to hopefully get people aware that I’m actually stocking my comics in town.

I've put the price up to $3 for issue #5, after reconsidering how much time effort and money went into it's actual production; which I still think is cheap for a hand made book.

I should have the next issue coming out in around a few weeks from now.

I also sent of a whole bunch of sample copies to distros and zine stores in the U.S and Canada so I'm hoping to get a couple of responses back as I've never really had my work available through distros there either.

I've got to cut down on my amount of internet time. I'm still getting heaps of drawing and other stuff done but I'm just not finding it satisfying enough to read the web lately, I almost wish that I knew of more web comics that I'd actually like (I find so many of them the same and kind of depressing) I'd be happy for any links or suggestions of websites blogs or webcomics that update regularly and are actually good. I really should just go to the blogger home page and surf random blogs from there. I once found a really good blog called 'mock turtle soup' but the author moved on and stopped doing the journal :(

Also I'm getting excited that comicspace.com that I mentioned in an earlier post will soon be hosting comics on the pages. I think comicsspace is such a great idea (as opposed to 'myspace') there was just something about myspace.com that I found inherently sleazy and kinda useless. Sorry if you're into it, it just didn't convince me personally.

Sadly I couldn't swing the time or money to go down to the monthly 'Trails' drawing night in Melbourne. No doubt it'll be the best one yet with heaps of cool drawers attending and announcements about anthologies and exhibitions will be talked of which I'll be totally unaware of until the day before they're due. It's one of the beauties of living in the country, that, sheep poo and Holden commodores....

Do y’all know of ‘youngamericancomics.com’ anthology that is accepting submissions due on the 5th of March, now you do!

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Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, Trails was good, but I don't think you missed any major announcements. You've gotta make the time tho' A.W., we were expecting you! I'll send you a copy of the November book (you're all over it) if you send us yr post address (couldn't find it on any of yer zines dude).

We'll be sending out an email bout this in the next couple days, but we're having a zine / art / craft market near the end of the month... you should book a stall or send down a stack of books, eh.