11 January 2007

Just checked out Andrew Arnolds comic review column at time.com for the forst time in ages some new reviews and a 2006 top 10. I don't think I'll be doing a top 10 as I didn't but a huge range of books last year and there weren't that many relesased in the smaller format.
But here is a list of some comics I read this year and enjoyed:

John Porcelino- perfect example and vking cat issues
Anders Nilsen- Big questions #7
Ben Snakepit-Snake Pit (previously blogged)
Simon James- Stoner comics #1
David Heatley- Deadpan and various other comics in anthologys and blog.
Joe Matt-Peepshow #14
David Sandlins-Swamp preacher
Ron reg Jr- yeast hoist
Johnny Ryan- AYC & comic bookholocaust.
Keith Helt (author)- Flotation device featuring Kevin H, Ander N, John P, Onsmith, Jeffery Brown et al.
The Drama- comic and art magazine.

Also I forgot to give kudos to'Vice' magazine for publishing a comics issue. You would think that the popularity of this issue would make them realise there is enough intrests to have a few comic pages just like the north american version every issue.

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Andrew Arnold also mentions 'first second' books which has also been mentioned to me but a fellow comic artists. The book ‘Vampire loves’ caught my attention as I bought one of the original books when I was in Quebec a few years back now ; it was in French but it looked so awesome I bought it anyway.
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Check out the first panel with the Crumb cameo!

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