8 January 2007

Saw an awesome book today called, Cry for Help: 36 Scam Emails from Africa, which collects Nigerian type email scams together in a book with illustrations by Henning Wagenbreth. I had actually thought of collecting some of these myself and putting them into a zine. I’m always astounded at the creativity that goes into the B.S’ing in those letters they're different every time too I’ve never gotten one the same. Maybe it’s not too late to put out my own version keeping in the spirit of the scam! But the book looks worth it just for the mind blowing illustrations that look like reductive lino cuts…
Also remembered name of a book I saw in W.A called ‘home tattoos rule’ which was a surprisingly interesting book and actually changed my opinion on tattoos altogether.
Just seems so refreshing to see this kind of DIY thing as opposed to the cookie cutter tattoos people rush out to get to look cool.

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