5 February 2007

This is going to be so awesome!!! I'm actually palnned to be at the beach this weekend so maybe I''l send in some goods, but would defintly like to make the next ones!!
This from the 'Forpaw' folk


There's gonna be a new monthly artist and zine market at Forepaw. We'd
like to have a whole bunch of you people selling the stuff you make
(zines, books, tapes, prints, discs, shirts, comics, muffins,
whatever) here on Saturday the 24th of Feb between 2pm and 6pm.

Spots are already filling up mighty fast so if you'd like to be
involved send us a note quicksmart, eh. This'll be a real fun day, a
couple good bands are gonna play in the early evening and there'll be
lots of "hanging out" and chances to meet other makers / nerds.

The aim is to fill just the shopfront (and some of the street outside
too, probably) with sellers n punters this time round but if all goes
well we'll expand out into the backyard and laneway for the next one,
make it a real goodtime.

We're asking that stallholders pay $5 for the privilege, this gets you
half of one of our really-quite-large trestle tables and a bunch of
wallspace too, if you would like to stick your things up there. The
money will help us out with printing posters and flyers and buying the
extra tables we're gonna need.

If you balk at the idea of paying five bucks, or if you can't be here
on the day, or if you don't have enough stuff to warrant getting a
whole stall you can join forces with a friend or you can send/drop off
your goods to us (275 High Street Northcote VIC 3070) and we'll sell
em for you.

Please contact us via this address, or you can also email
chayya.clancy@gmail.com for further info.


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Ive said...

This sounds awesome!
I've let them know i'm interested.