26 March 2007

books art and stuff

Been thinking intensely about my art practice recently (when don’t I come to think of it?) for the past year or so I’ve managed to divide my art practice into,
1-comics and 2-other stuff (mixed media texture experiments etc)

this was due to the fact I tried to combine my sketchbook/comic practice into my art making practice that fits into ‘exhibitable’ art for a few years unsuccessfully.

I’m not a big fan of simply showing comic pages by them selves as art which is due to a few reasons,

1-the original pages are like printmaking plates and are not the final art 2-Comics being narrative best suit being exhibited within the pages of a book held and felt in your own hands. 3-the original comic pages are too precious to me to even consider offering for sale; but maybe it the thing that you can’t bear to part with that has true value.

That being said I’m hoping to get involved in a comics exhibition at the end of the year where I would like to show comic pages as well as the comics themselves (breaking my own rules, it’s crazy!)

I think it’s unfortunate that artists have to tailor to the art market whatever shape that takes. I guess you could just keep it all in your shed for yourself but what’s the point? I’ve even considered only making art that can be given away a’la Ray Johnson, and I usually do give away a certain ammount of my books and prints to friends.

I think the best thing for me to do, or should I say what I want to focus on for now is digital printmaking. I’m hoping to work on a print that I can offer for sale here on the blog.


Ian T. said...

I know what you mean, though I think I'd be happy to exhibit some original pages some time. Until very recently I've continued working pretty much as I always did - producing complete clean pages, with tone, lettering and all pencilwork erased.

Not any more! For mainstream work I letter and colour on the computer, and use the scanner to drop out the pencil work. I'm not sure about exhibiting incomplete work like that, but maybe if it had a little print of the final page with it, that would solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Are those mini's you got pictured on sale yet?