14 March 2007

I’m going to start posting a new storyline on comicspace.com, simply because they have forward/future posting. It’s not my ideal situation as I’d rather be posting on LJ for my LJ buddies (or at least on this blogger account which also has an LJ feed, see side bar)
Anyway I’ll try it for a couple of weeks and see how it all goes. If I’m unhappy with it I might just go back to posting on LJ…

Edit: I have now enabled 'tooncasting' of the current strip on comicspace.com. Therefore you can either check it out there or here every day (except sunday) for two new panels of the story line!!

In other exciting news I got my computer back today fro the ‘shop’! I can not say how pleased I am with the service centre at 'Next byte' computers for solving my optical drive problem. Even though there was some initial confusion with the problem last year they’ve come up trumps and fixed the problem I was having with minimum ammount of hassle, I’m going to have to be real daggy and write them a thank you note I’m so impressed!

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