27 March 2007

more art talk...

I made a digital print today which I was very happy with. I still have some further experimentation to do with it before I go ahead and make some more. But I think digital printmaking is the way to go for the images I want to produce. I’ve been doing digital printmaking for a while now but always kind of secondary and I’m not always happy with the surface it creates. But I think that's begining to change as I now have access to an amazing archival quality printer (Epson R1800 using ultrachrome inks)

The image I used was a ‘movember’ comic strip. I can really see a lot of potential for making digital prints from artwork I have actually painted/coloured digitally, they’re not just some sort of mere reproduction of an existing art work but one that would have no form otherwise. I find that concept really exciting so hopefully others do to.
I would love to see someone like Loobylu print and offer for sale her wonderful digital art, I know I’d buy one!

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