28 March 2007


My wrist problems have persisted so I've booked into see a Physiotherapist this afternoon to see what I can do.
I've been resting my right hand by using my left for using a mouse and 'trying' to not do as much drawing (which is really hard for me) but I'm getting sick of holding myself back with my drawings and comics. I'm really enjoying writing and drawing this 'Beach' comic but over the last week I've hardly done anything on it just so I can rest my hand! Now I'm getting all these ideas for other drawings but realising I can't do them yet.


Ian T. said...

Aaiieee, RSI is a real worry for artists and musicians! I hope you recover soon. It's really important to be properly set up for both drawing and computing. I can't talk - my neck is the main thing that suffers, but at least I got proper glasses for the computer now. I use a mousepad with wrist support, but my hand and wrist do get sore and tired, particularly after working on a computer all day in my dayjob, then colouring Moth & Tanuki at night.

I really like the suburban look of your recent work. Thanks for the comics - much appreciated!

You have to find a way to keep drawing whatever!

awcomix said...

Yeah me too! I didn't realise how hard I'd find it to stop drawing!

Gald you liked the books, I always try and capture the feel of my local area the fences, trees and even dog poo!

Anonymous said...

My wrist and index finger have been hurting lately. Unfortunately, I am between insurance companies now, so I am hesitant to go to the doctor. I may have to get a brace at the drug store or something.