9 March 2007

Prints for sale

"This series of digital prints were created through a combination of traditional collage processes. Once the final image was made and printed all related files were deleted.

Often my work deals with the textural qualities of printed surfaces, in this series of works I’ve combined the surface textures of a sketchbook drawing with and enlarged section from a magazine page".
Prints are done with archival inks and papers and are 5 x 7 inches in size. Both images are in an edition of 4.

-I'm showing them in the bean barn this week for $30 each.


Anonymous said...

"...files were deleted"

Is this really a thing that people do?

awcomix said...

I'm not really sure. I do know that many printmakers scratch or mark the plate once an edition is finished. For me I wanted to make it more of a thrill and not think, if it's too orange I'll just do another one,, or that one sold well I'll run of ten more. So I deleted the files to so the prints became the only remaining part of the artwork. That is except for the orignal paper collage and also ink drawing. ;)