23 March 2007

Rain, pizza, and Ani

Just sitting here listening to the rain pelt down outside. It’s still such a novelty to hear it smell it and feel it. I miss good old Ballarat winters with all the looming clouds, thunder and lightning.

Ash is over for the weekend so we had a pizza night and hired out the movie ‘Cars’. I had such a reluctance to see this film as the concept and design just seemed so dumb to me from the start. But Jay Marcy was asking around for people to find the toy versions of the cars for his son as rabid older collectors were snapping them up. It made me think hey I shouldn’t be so cynical. And surprisingly I didn’t dislike it like I thought I would it was actually not too bad.

Heather and her parents come back from Tasmania tomorrow night, so I’d better do a bout of house cleaning after living like a bachelor for a week.

After teaching a class on stencils the other day I got inspired to do my own, which I haven’t done for ages. Stencils are something that I really love doing but they have fallen to the bottom of the art pile, comics, digital art, and other mixed media stuff has come first. But I reminded myself how much I actually like the process of stenciling, so I think I’ll try and bring it back into my work somehow. Anyway I’m on the final layer of the stencil so I’ll maybe post a pic of it when done. In true fanboy/geek style I chose a photo of Ani Difranco seeing how I’m sort of obsessed with her music. Speaking of Ani I just read the other day she’s had a baby, WTF! Guess I was just shocked as I had no idea she was even pregnant, she usual puts stuff like that in her songs. But there is the title song of her last albulm ‘reprieve’ which is about women’s choice to decide when they want to ‘split them selves in two’ and has a classic Ani line, ‘feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about reprieve’

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