1 March 2007


I somehow made it though my first week back at teaching . Even though I felt like a a zombie at the end of most days I'm feeling creative and inspired, I think it's just being in that environment and every ones excited and putting stuff together. I stayed late tonight and made some new boards that I can start working on. Feels weird lurking around there as I'm not a student this year. I'm still trying to get my head into thinking my garage is a studio space which I think is working apart from a few minor setback through lack of certain supplies. Luckily I'm doing some small freelance jobs this week which might afford me some paints etc.
I had originally thought I'd do all my art at home in the new studio but I think it's best to leave the construction part to school, it's so much easier to use the drop saw than a hand saw!

I'm still trying to figure out how and when I should post comics. My main dilemma is that I don't consider myself a webcomics artist firstly, I consider my self a print comics artist and I love making and trading books. I can't seem to get over how posting web comics takes away from the final book, ie, if you've already read all the content on the web and in colour too, then the book's not so exciting. What do you think??

I have a deadline for a comics anthology looming (due in two days) participation is optional but I always kick myself for not making more of an effort to submit work. I think it's mainly because I'm busy working on my own stories and find it hard to bring that all too a halt and write/draw a comic on someone’s theme. Plus as I said earlier this week has just knackered me so haven't been able to do that much drawing at all...

In other news I went to a lecture by major Michael Mori (David hick’s lawyer) which was excellent and well worth going to. I knew the whole hicks case was dodgy but I really had no idea just how bad the case details are, ie, he’s not going to get a fair trial and his charges are false. Scary stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to buy the collection of webcomics that I really like. I have already done so for Drew Weing's The Journal Comic, Kevin Pease's Absurb Notions, Robert Forrest's Crushes Forever and more (just to name a few). The point is while I love these comics online, I know have them in my hand and can show people. My brother reads Dilbert collections, but will not read web comics ... here Allen, it's a really cool comic you would like. Also the printed comic supports the artist financally. Eric F Myers put out a book of US Presidents ... it was not even a comic. But I bought it because he is a cool comic artist that I will support. Yet I never heard of Drew, Kevin, Robert or Eric before their comic online ... The comics online provide more than just a sample.