19 April 2007


Heres reminder if you don't already know about the market event on where trails is held. This from the 'forepaw' folk

"Dear Frendz,

Just a last minute reminder of all the hott shitt we've got happening
in the coming days...


Yesss! Our second ever art market is this Saturday afternoon. If you
came to our first Mercado you already know what a wonderful day this
is, and if you didn't come to the first one, now's your chance to make
up for it.

We've got even more stall-holders than last time, offering zines,
comics, muffins, jewellery, music, t-shirts, chai, badges, patches,
prints, curry, original works, and oh, all kinds of other beautiful,
colourful, hand-made stuff.

We're also expanding our area this time round, with live music (Guns
for Saint Sebastian, Great Earthquake, Dub FX, Wolf Von Trapp, Jemima
Jones + Radical Flex on DJ/stereo-nazi duties) playing throughout the
day in the backyard and stalls extending out into the laneway. So
there'll be heaps more room for hanging out, chatting, eating,
reading, swapping, beers, kids, dogs and dancing.

And not only that, The Amazing Photobooth Project will be with us (get
an intimate portrait with a total stranger...), and other random,
extraordinary projects may or may not be making an appearance...

We'll be open all afternoon and into the early evening, but we also
recommend a couple of other gigs going on that night on our street, if
yr looking for something to do later:

1. The Uncle Kevin Buzzacott Spectacular up at the church. There's a
million things going on, it's a great event benefiting a lovely,
important man, and it's just up the road from us! 4pm til midnight.

2. Flying Scribble/BACHELORETTE/RossManning/FRANCIS.PLAGNE at the
Wesley Anne looks like it could be the best gig in town on Saturday
night. Ross told us about the guitar playing machine he's building for

this show and we can't wait to see it... Check the Wesley Anne window"

Don't think I can make it as I've already been down to Melbourne 2-3 times this month already...

Also the suggestion I made to LJ is apparently going ahead sometime in the next year or so, hopefully sooner than later. Hurrah!

Still no word on distribution...I'm getting another quote on putting the book togther also which might make the figures more realistic.
I still think it's one of the biggest problems facing established self publishers is distribution. I was just talking about this the other day. It seem there is always an anthology or some other event to promote comics but I think what we really need to promote comics is some real distribution, even if it is like i say on a relatively small scale.
comic artists have no problem creating the material and even printing it for that matter but they can only reach stores in there local area with the exception of one or two interstate places.

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