9 April 2007

Vampire Loves

Just picked up ‘Vampire Loves’. I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now as I originally brought the first chapter of the story when I was traveling through Quebec. I was in a bookstore there and saw this book and had to buy it, even though it was in French.
I’ve poured over that first book looking at the panels and Heather translated some parts for me as well. But now I have the complete series in one book and in English.
I can’t recommend this book enough, the art the colouring the story is all great. I still have a few pages left to read but I’m dragging them out and savoring every panel.
I’ve also been told (and also from what I can see) that the publisher ‘first second books’ produces a very high standard of books from comic artists around the world, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for other books too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Man! Best book last year, hands down!

I have a complete set of wave's one and two from First Second (and I can't wait for wave 3!)

Everything they print is gold!

Also, a lot of the books that I wasn't that excited to pick up were my favourites to read.

Matt Huynh said...

First Second is really great, please check out their line!

In all honesty, Vampire Loves wasn't one of my faves, but it looked very nice.

There're a few titles I'm definitely keeping an eye on from First Second in the future!