31 March 2007


I just came across this zinewiki site, which i guess is related to or is a part of wikipedia. I had an article about me on wikipedia deleted last year (which a reader had written) not that it was the end of the world to be deleted off wikipedia I just thought the reasoning behind it was extrmely sketchy. I've then read recently (can't remember where now) that web comic artist have been targeted for deletion from overzealous editors at wikipedia. Maybe this is a controversial issue as to if this is actually happening or not, can anyone elaborate?

Anyway zine wiki is stating that:

"ZineWiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press."

Alan, one of the editors for zine wiki had this to say in an email to me:

"The basic rule of thumb is that any independent (and sometimes even corporate) project can be added to zinewiki as long as it somehow relates to zines. This can mean the author/editor is or was a zinester. This can mean the subject of the project is zines or zine culture. This could simply mean the writer has contributed to various zines.
It can be interpreted a few ways.
Self-published comics on paper of course apply, they are made and marketed in the same spirit as zines and are usually interchangeable with titles (zines or indie comics). The online comics might be a little bit of a harder sell, depending again on the project's creator and the spirit of the project.
You'd be safe for now adding paper independent comics. You can try a few online comics and see how the other editors react. I'm one of six editors on zinewiki. I wouldn't have a problem with it so long as it didn't get out of hand (meaning hundreds of entries for online web comics where the comic or website didn't have anything to do with zines)."

So that seems pretty clear and fair to me, they want to focus on printed matter, no problems. I think zines (which includes self-published comics) are a really important thing to document, and I'm really happy that this zinewiki is available as a resource.

In other news I'm still trying to rest my right wrist, although I can still kind of type but I'm trying to limit computer time and use my left hand for the mouse anyway. But not drawing yesterday was really depressing and frustrating for me. Drawing is so ingrained into my daily life, even if i only get 5 minutes to sit down and doodle I still think about that 5 minutes all day long.

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Anonymous said...

One thing that wikipedia wants is something with enough sources to varify the information. When there is not enough professional or reliable sources, wikipedia editors delete it as "not notible". This makes some webcomic creators and fans upset because how can a popular webcomic with X readers be "not notible"?

I have a full review of your 7 Pages zine written. I was kind of waiting for the interview questions came before posting. I can post this somewhere where it can be a source for whatever wiki.