10 May 2007


Well after two days in the printmaking lab trying to get a good transfer onto my copper etching plate, which went like: printing heating transferring cursing rubbing cleaning, and repeat about 7-8 times.
Thanks to the attending printmaking teacher Viv, who gave me many tips advice and encouragement along the way I was able to get a good result tonight. A result much like I hoped I would get...So now I feel elated and exhausted at the same time.
So here is a scan of an A/P
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two years of work and study came together today!


Anonymous said...

HAHA It's great when it works! Looks good!

awcomix said...

Thanks, I really like the extra texture that etching brings to the image. In wouldn't mind trying a digital print underneath and see how that works.

Ian T. said...

This has loads of character at all kinds of levels! I love that it's referencing itself (ie: here's the print being posted, represented on itself - kind of existentialist really :)).

awcomix said...

Thanks Ian. I'm looking forward to doing some more...now only if this wrist starts feeling better, although I do have a whole backlog of material I can make into etchings ;)