7 May 2007

More printmaking

Some updated info on a toner and etching technique from Ad Stijnman:

“...you do not put the toner on top of the shellac and, of course,
you do not remove the toner and take the shellac with it.
First you apply the toner to the clean plate, next you cover the plate
with a thin layer of shellac. The shellac will crack a little where it is
on top of the toner - just like with sugar aquatint - and this allows the
turps to penetrate through the shellac layer, dissolve the toner and take
the shellac with it.”

Printed up my plate today and it worked well, the only down side was my bad inking technique which I have to work on.
Started two more plates today for further experimentation. It just starting to occur to me now that the art I make in the studio, ie, non comic mixed media and printmaking work, works best when I don’t plan it and better yet don’t think about it. The ‘Nike’ cliché of ‘just do it’ seems to be appropriate. This is something that’s taken me a huge amount of time to realise.
I always got great results when ever I first tried a new art method, as I'd just slap something together to try it out and get (what I thought) was a brilliant result. I’d then try and recreate it and wonder why it didn’t work.

I see it like an athlete who trains for a year to race for 30 secs.
I’m not saying that the quicker you make something the better it will be, but often when you get caught in that art frenzy you just go with the flow and loosen up. I also like the surprise result you can.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like it printed well from here :) Printmaking is ALWAYS a surprise for me ...

awcomix said...

this is just actually the photocopy I made my first print from.
Did some printing today, I'm finding getting a a nice deep black is the hard part!