17 May 2007

Scary Stuff

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Still not much advice on distribution. It seems like you either sell your wares to the corner store or make plans for world domination…
Maybe people around this fine country, or in other countries for that matter, can let me know of some fine places that sell self published work. Places like cool comic book stores, independent book and independent record stores, zine stores etc

In other news I went and saw 28 weeks later the other day and really liked it. I felt for what it was ( a horror film) it did well. I was literally horrified watching it. Call me a sissy or what ever but how would you like to be trapped in a cramped dark car park whilst very one around you is turning into zombies and eating each other??? Or have your eyeballs gouged out? Scary stuff

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Mark Selan said...

I took a break from world domination and sent you an email.