3 May 2007


Something really weird happened to my computer two days ago. Upon staring it up, all my preferences had been reset-I have a G5 running OS X 10.4 btw-
I’ve asked a friend who knows a lot about macs what it could be and he was stumped. I even went onto one of those online forums to see if I could get help but to no avail. I tried to convince the people on the forums that I has not logged in or out of my user account or changed any files names or sifted user folders etc. Surely I would remember going into finder and moving folders around or renaming them, it’s not something you do ‘willy nilly’! At least I didn’t lose any files but seriously all my settings were back to default, things like

-desktop files were all over the shop
-desktop image was different
-programs in dock were reset to default
-firefox setting were reset, like my book marks gone etc
-program settings were reset, like in word and photoshop

So to me there is a preferences folder that was somehow reset somehow. It’s more of a nuisance than anything. Is it possible to have a mac virus or has my computer started thinking for itself.

In other news I’ve still been resting the hand from drawing. I had a few awesome days but then it got bad again. Been planning some collages, something which if done correctly wouldn’t aggravate the condition but still give me a creative release. I never realised just how ingrained in me it is to be an artist. I can remember Crumb saying in the documentary that he got suicidal if he couldn’t draw. Now I’m not that bad but I think I know what he meant.

Warning heavy printmaking dialogue section ;)

I’ve been planning on trying some solarplate etching which led me to thinking about ways to use photocopies as an acid resist. I went into the printmaking lab today to see how successfully I could transfer the toner onto the copper, and it actually worked. Before I knew it Viv (a printmaking teacher) and I were putting the plate in an acid bath and then inking it up and putting it through the press. We thought it had kinda failed at first but now that I think about it was the dodgy aquatint that failed not the resist, as the white areas are not too bad, it’s that black that’s dull.
I’m going to try another one of these as I have a better idea of how to make it work now. I have also found on the internet stuff called press-n-peel, for making circuit boards. I’m thinking that instead of making circuits you could use the stuff as an acid resist from photcopies for etchings…anyone heard of this or tried it? Look s as though I have to order from the states though…
Anyway here’s the initial result
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Edit: I just remembered that you can use lazertran as an etch resist as well. I have a whole heap of experimenting to do...


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about your weirdness, I mean solar printing :) Looking forward to seeing some of those posted experiments!

awcomix said...

I'm getting some good results by mish mashing some altered photographs and enlarged drawings. The hardest thing is to try and keep the spontaneity and randomness.
More post to come..!